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Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BQD“), founded in November 1996, was listed on Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 3, 2015 (stock code: 3866.HK), and it is the first bank listed on main board in Shandong Province. As of June 30, 2018, the total assets of BQD amounted to RMB302.16 billion, representing a decrease of RMB4.12 billion or 1.34% compared with the number at the end of June last year.

BQD is headquartered in Qingdao, with 13 branches in Shandong Province. It has proposed to continuously increase the outlets in all major cities of Shandong Province, and prepared to cover the whole nation according to actual conditions. Among national city commercial banks, BQD has firstly set up private banking and fortune center in March 2011, thus providing professional, innovative and exclusive financial services for high net-worth clients, such as public and private integration, investment and financing integration, domestic and foreign integration; Besides, it has established several E-banking channels, such as: online banking (, telephone banking "400-66-96588 (nationwide)" and "96588" (Qingdao), mobile banking, WeChat banking and direct banking, etc.; established agent bank relations with global banking institutions, and then provided customers with convenient all-weather online services; Moreover, it has laid a stable customer foundation, and also maintained a close partnership with major enterprises and high net-worth clients in strategic industries and emerging industries in Shandong Province.

BQD has adhered to strategic planning of "building featured bank characterized by warm services, strict risk management, and outstanding technologies" as well as optimal, strong and featured objectives. In corporate governance, risk management, and IT construction, etc., it has continuously carried out the reform, improvement and gradual exploration, thus preliminarily developed six features such as "perfect governance, warm services, strict risk management, outstanding technologies, clear positioning, and leading modes". Nowadays, it can provide customers with three lines of business as follows:

Corporate banking: In addition to general deposit and loan business, BQD has also provided governmental finance based on major projects and key engineering, livelihood finance based on livelihood-related industries and projects, featured finance based on trade finance and small business finance, financing innovation services based on listed enterprises and enterprises to be listed, and group finance based on group customers. Since 2012, BQD has begun to explore and practice "Interface Bank" development mode, and actively launched various financial cooperation with domestic and foreign commercial banks, insurance companies, and securities companies, etc.

Retail banking: It intends to "build the most convenient one-stop retail bank", through service innovation, outlet transformation, and product innovation, it can provide "Happy Family Plan" consumption financial services which can cover the whole life cycle, "Hairong Wealth" financial products, multi-level integrated wealth management based on "1+1+N" consulting service mode, and multi-application services based on park, campus, community, and subway financial IC card.

Financial markets: BQD has the most complete of licenses and qualifications in the sector of city commercial bank, including asset securitization, policy financial bonds underwriting, non-financial corporate debt financing instrument underwriting, interest rate pricing membership, and preliminary market maker, of which: BQD is the only bank with business qualification of asset securitization in Shandong Province. While maintaining good cooperation with commercial banks, BQD has constantly deepened the cooperation with non-bank financial institutions such as securities traders, funds, trust, and insurance companies. Currently, BQD has taken the lead in monetary markets, financial management business has been widely recognized, and investment business is on the rise rapidly.

BQD has always focused upon sustainable development, and also actively and conscientiously fulfilled corporate social responsibilities. In particular, it has launched many activities, such as designated poverty alleviation, disaster relief, care for vulnerable groups, and volunteer services, etc. Over the years, in addition to love donations and popularity of financial knowledge in various forms, we have also strongly supported the education. For instance, BQD has established "Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Training Base of the Communist Youth League"; set up "Qingdao Bank Scholarship" at seven universities such as Ocean University of China, Qingdao University, and Qingdao University of Science and Technology, etc.; organized college students start-up plan competition; set up "BQD Dream Beneficent Fund"; set up "Inspirational Class" and "Mingzhi Class" in Anshun No.1 Middle School and Anshun No.2 Middle School of Guizhou Province, and also financially supported 100 poor students, etc.

Due to high-quality warm services and professional/featured operation, BQD has been recognized highly by customers and society. It won the “Banking Information Technology Risk Management Research Achievement Award“ issued by China Banking Regulatory Commission in the past four years. Meanwhile, it has also obtained numerous awards, such as second prize of the 18th national business management modernization innovation achievement, “Best Small and Medium-sized Bank“ (Golden Dragon Award), “Best Management Innovation Bank“ (Golden Cicada Award) and “Best City Commercial Bank“ (Golden Diamond Award).Moreover, the bank was among top 300 Asian banks (ranking 172) and China‘s top 500 service enterprises.

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